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Your personal brand communicates professional value.

Your personal brand communicates professional value. It’s a deceptively complicated challenge—that gets tricky when limited to the lens of questions that hiring managers love to ask like, “tell us about yourself”.

That is why we are here. The Yukon team has a carefully curated approach to help candidates optimally position a personal brand for job search success in today’s highly competitive job market.

What is MY PERSONAL BRAND? Branding is who you are and how that specifically sets you apart from others. Be specific in your job search it should be targeted for the NEXT level of your career.

What is the job that you want? GO after it NOW!

Wait, WELL HOW do I?

A. Research, REFLECT and reveal the things that truly set you apart from the crowd. Have a personal branding statement, quote or core competency you plan to focus on.


-Know your value ad

-What you bring to the table and how you can impact an organization

-Know your target; what role, industry and position (keep this in mind for all messaging)

C. Get FEEDBACK First: Ensure you are truly branding in a consistent manner by having a 2nd set of eyes on your resume, LinkedIn and any other social media platform content for:

Consistent and Clear message (content/context) PERSONAL is always set to PRIVATE (social media)

Accuracy in Context and Content (dates, company and position held)

LinkedIn profiles must match your resume (this is the #1 reason hiring managers will never even pick up the phone to call you).

Professional HEADSHOTS- are a MUST have & worth the investment-Use professional headshots on all social media outlets; no casual photos!


1. Google search yourself

2.Headshot 1st - a unprofessional photo is the 1st impression image

3. Decide; be sure you know what you want and execute on the actions to get you there!

4. Apply to 5 jobs a day and take control of the outcome. Remember that Recruiters are a resource only, never rely on one source.

OUR Simple Branding top 5 tips:


#2 BE Consistent

#3 Know the goal

#4 BE Active and get feedback from others

#5 Amplify the skills you rock at!

#6 When in doubt, YUKON IT OUT!

AKA: Check with a member of our team for free branding feedback and we will also provide you with tips that we see working well for candidates who are truly WINNING the job they LOVE.

Life is just too short not to love where you work and LOVE WHAT YOU DO!

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